Dropbox is one of the best file synchronization tools around, but you start out with only 2 GB of space, which isn’t always enough to sync music or collaborate with your co-workers. Here’s how to increase your storage without paying anything.

You won’t get to the 50 GB level with just these free methods, but you can certainly get enough space to keep your Dropbox from overflowing. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the ways you can get extra space into your Dropbox.

Editor’s note: Many of you are already using Dropbox, and know how the referral link system works. Sending out your referral link is a great way to get extra space, but please do not post your referral links in the comments of this article. Unlike sending an email to your friends or posting your link on Twitter, we’d have tens or hundreds of referral links in the same place, which is just plain spam. Feel free to post in the comments if you have other great ways to score free space or other ideas on how to effectively share referrals, but if you post your link in the comments without someone asking for one, you will get warned or banned.

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