Meanwhile, researchers await a possible Flashback comeback by the botnet operators.

The massive Flashback botnet of Mac machines originated from hacked and malware-rigged WordPress blog sites, researchers revealed today.

There were between 30,000 to 100,000 WordPress sites infected in late February and early March, 85 percent of which are in the U.S., said Vicente Diaz, senior security analyst for Kaspersky Lab, in a press briefing today.

Kaspersky Lab researchers say the infected WordPress blog sites were rigged with code that silently redirected visitors to a malicious server. “When the connection was made to the malicious server, that server would determine which OS was running and serve exploits accordingly,” says Roel Schouwenberg, senior researcher for Kaspersky. It was a pay-per-install scheme to spread malware, including the Flashback Trojan.

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