Pokemon Go” players will go anywhere to catch a virtual fictional character, even if it’s a trip to jail.

The augmented reality game is the latest craze sweeping the nation, but not everybody is happy about it.

Using GPS mapping on their smartphones, the app allows “Go” players to hunt for the characters while out and about in their neighborhoods. Stops and landmarks have been established throughout the game, allowing players to collect loot and battle others.

But that aspect of the game is part of the problem, officials said, and it’s causing headaches for public safety agencies in Los Angeles County.

In just the past two days, fire dispatchers received about 100 calls from app users saying they couldn’t get into certain fire stations because they were closed when firefighters were responding to calls, said fire Inspector Richard Licon.

‘They couldn’t get in and called 911, asking if they could gain access,” he said.

At the request of fire dispatchers, the Fire Department released a tweet asking “Pokemon” users not to call 911 for gaming questions.

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