Today, Uber finally rolled out several features it announced back in November. Instead of helping the app’s reputation for creepery, however, Uber somehow managed to make it worse. Travis, you jokester!

Both features—integration with Snapchat and the ability to “Uber to a person”—are part of a broad app overhaul. But while the added Snapchat capabilities are pretty straightforward—you can now further annoy your fellow passengers and driver by snapping with “custom Uber filters” while on the ride—the “Uber to a person” component is slightly more interesting.

Here’s Uber’s very excited explanation, which is neatly summed up by the accompanying dystopian tagline, “People are the new places”:

“Where are you? Where’s that again? These are common questions we ask friends and family when meeting up. If you’re catching up with friends when out of town, meeting your sister at the mall, or joining coworkers for drinks, now you can skip the back and forth. Just Uber directly to them!”

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